Mystic Catering Services in Calaberation with Scandinavian BC Catering

Let Mystic Wine & Spirits cater your next event! In calaberation with Scandinavian BC Catering, we will provide liquor and wine, all bartending services, all bars for your event, and cigars. Contact us today to book and let us make your next event an unforgettable one!

 Our Team 
Scandinavian BC Catering

Working towards meeting our clients’ goals, inflight and corporate catering has been our specialty since 2006. Scandinavian’s motto is to find the needs of our customers and fulfill them with passion and creativity. We have had the pleasure to cater cargo and private jets, as well as corporate catering in South Florida.


Based in Miami, we provide a plentiful menu made of fresh and carefully selected ingredients. Outside of the tasty treats, we also offer anything and everything our client may need from paper goods to beverages. Our focus is taking care of the details that will make your flight or corporate event flawless and enjoyable.

Please click here to view detailed information on the foods provided by Scandinavian BC Catering

Jeff Pierce, Mixologist

Jeff Pierce can be defined by his passion for the high-class cocktail experience. As a mixologist, he has mastered classic perfections as well as new inventions. As a performer, he entertains with subtle theatrics and quirky, if not neurotic, attention to detail.


Jeff's journey is nearly as colorful as his bottle collection. He built houses in Wisconsin, had a blues band in Chicago, wrote code in Silicon Valley, grew bonsais in Hawaii, and now crafts exceptional cocktails in Miami.


With an abundance of experience, and thirst for refinement, Jeff consistently architects a memorable cocktail experience for every imbiber. Whether you need a custom cocktail to commemorate an event, or simply a stalwart drink master to enchant your guests, Jeff Pierce is among the finest, and at your service.