Our Curator 
Manny Santana

Manny Santana is the Founder and President of Mystic Wine & Spirits.  While he currently oversees all the day to day operations, his primary focus is building the Mystic brand, expansion to multiple locations, and creating and implementing new and exciting ideas for the brand's business model.  Manny is especially passionate about the products he sells and believes in providing his customers an exceptional shopping experience and customer service.  He is a visionary who is driven to exceed the industry standard for service in retail.

After helping his family in the Supermarket business in New York Manny made the decision to move back to Miami with the hopes of opening his own brand of Supermarket in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area.  Once in Miami after an unsuccessful effort in opening a Supermarket he decided on a smaller more intimate retail business that he could build and brand from the ground up.  In 2015 the idea of the Mystic brand was envisioned and created and the journey began to create a wine and spirits store unlike any other in Florida State.


Manny comes from a very modest and family oriented home with his roots coming from Brooklyn New York.  Mystic Wine & Spirits was a dream expanding over 10 years including 3 years of execution with the help and support from his family.  Manny has an extensive background with more than 25 years experience in the business and corporate industries and has three real loves in his life: his family, his two children, and Mystic Wine & Spirits.

Manny lives his life with passion and truly believes that nothing worthy of accomplishment in life comes easy.  Success is only achieved through hard work and determination or it is not worth succeeding.  Manny enjoys working hard, creating dreams, and above all having fun.  Believing in yourself helps solve the daily problems and those problem solving abilities are the stepping stones on the pathway to happiness and success.            

 Manny's Favorites 


A glass of Port Wine or Red, Cheese, and a Cigar is a great combination! Top it off with some great music and you have perfection!


Balvenie 12yr and 14yr Whiskey | Diplomatico Rum | Casa Dragones Tequila Joven


Old Fashion with Michters Rye Whiskey.


Padron 1964 Anniversary Torpedo Maduro. Drew Estate Liga Privada.